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Purls Forever now available

Single copies can be purchased at Amazon by clicking this link. If you are a bookstore, yarn shop or other retailer, you may also contact us directly for wholesale. Purls Forever is not your typical knitting pattern book. It is a gathering of warm family stories by wonderful women who knit garments as signs of their love. Author Jonelle Raffino literally opens her family hope chest filled with beautifully hand-crafted pieces and shares the stories that each family treasure brings to mind. From the earliest piece, an exquisite shawl made by her great-great-grandmother in Italy, this book journeys through six generations of knitting to little finger puppets made by her daughters, as Jonelle teaches them the craft passed on from mother to daughter for so many years. Filled with both humorous and emotional short stories, Purls Forever features family photos of treasured knits both old and new! Each story is accompanied with a pattern for an up-to-date adaptation of those treasured old garments -- worthy of becoming family heirlooms in any family, including yours. Purls Forever is a true treasure and something every knitter will prize. Purls Forever features:
  • 21 short stories based on various family heirloom garments made by various women in the author's family for over 6 generations
  • Beautiful family photos with various knit or crocheted garments that evoke the memories of the author as she shares the love her family has shown through their handmade garments
  • Many photos by the author that artfully illustrate both old and new garments
  • 18 patterns of new garment adaptations of the heirloom items in the stories
Patterns range from beginner to intermediate level, each with clear, step-by-step instructions. They include baby and childrens' clothing, afghans and blankets, shawls, scarves, sweaters for both men and women, and much more! See the author's site here.

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