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The reviews are (coming) in!

Linda Cortright of Wild Fibers magazine wrote a thoughtful, wonderful review of Purls Forever in their spring 2007 issue. A brief excerpt:
Purls Forever at one level is a gentle read through Raffino's well-knit family tree. You don't have to be an accomplished knitter to appreciate the significance of seeing your own child wrapped in a well-worn afghan that once clung to your young shoulders, or your father proudly wearing a sweater you've thoughtfully knit (no matter how much it may itch him). These are the stories Raffino tells just as if you were cozied up beside her on the couch looking at at pictures of corresponding patterns, either from the original garment or modified for today's yarns and styles.
Ask your local yarn store to stock Purls Forever today! Thank you for supporting independent publishers.

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