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Digital trends

Our last few posts have been about the effect digital media has had on publishing. Here is an interesting resource: book publishing industry people who are using Twitter. anezka media is currently working on bringing our title Purls Forever to the Kindle platform, and our next release will initially come out in multiple digital formats, no print. (At least not at first, we reserve the right to change that if we decide otherwise...) Why? Because in watching the fast-moving and ever-evolving world of publishing from both sides, as both readers and producers of content, we think it's the right thing to do. It's ecologically friendly, for one -- cuts the carbon footprint down to nearly nothing, makes it easier for us to price it fairly, doesn't require shipping boxes and boxes of physical media. (I think the worst possible thing that happened during the production of one book was sending physical CDs of the photos for the book cross-country for layout and design!) But what about the booksellers, you say? No problem. We have a new digital affiliate program that will allow any legitimate bookseller or book-related website to sell copies of the books with a mere cut-and-paste piece of code. This should be of particular interest to smaller, independent bookstores If you're interested, leave a comment on this post or email info [at] anezkamedia [dot] com for more information. One more thing to think about: an interesting article by John Siracusa called The once and future e-book: on reading in the digital age It's time for independent publishers and booksellers to forge ahead, using the creativity and flexibility at our disposal to renew the current system of getting our books out to the public in a more personal, efficient and consumer-friendly way. Won't you join us?

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