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Two interesting recent articles from the New York Times: Former Book Designer Says Good Riddance to Print The killer quote (bolding mine):
As someone who long reaped a paycheck from the sale of books, Mr. Mod isn’t looking at the transition with any form of glee. Instead, he argues that it doesn’t really matter which vessel we choose to read on, since the content will always be king. He writes, “For too long, the act of printing something in and of itself has been placed on too high a pedestal. The true value of an object lies in what it says, not its mere existence.
With a Kindle Hiring Spree, Amazon Gears Up for Battle With Apple The summary:
Since Apple announced its plans for the iPad, Amazon has shared few details about how it would respond to the competition for its Kindle. But over the last few weeks, it has offered some more clues. Lab 126, the division of Amazon responsible for building the Kindle, has been on a hiring binge, with dozens of new job listings on its Web site. Some are positions for testing and readying new products. And this suggests that the company might be preparing a new device.
You might also be interested in this recent post by CP owner Shannon Okey on digital readers, traditional publishing vs. independents and much, much more, sparked by a recent New Yorker article about the iPad and Kindle.


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