Silk Road Socks available now January 16 2011 4 Comments

Update: this book is now out of print at Cooperative Press. Please see the author's book website for current availability / ordering information. You can also order it online at Amazon. ---------------------------------------------------- The book you've all been waiting for is finally here! Coming soon, a series of knitalongs and other sock-related adventures at the book's website and on Ravelry. Want a shortcut to add your favorite socks to your Ravelry queue? Click here and see photos of all the socks in the book. Silk Road Socks is now on its way to everyone who preordered it! From the back cover: If you’ve ever dreamed of being whisked away on a magic carpet to a land where you could knit stunningly beautiful socks all day…well, we can’t quite make that dream come true. But we can supply you with sock patterns to knit if you ever do get there! Inside you’ll find 14 amazing new sock patterns, each inspired by a different style of oriental rug. An in-depth primer on top-down sock construction, thorough lessons on chart reading, detailed information on how to resize any sock pattern, and tips to customize your socks to perfectly fit your feet help ensure your knitting success. You’ll also find a wealth of information on the history of the Silk Road and the beautiful textiles produced in the region. Silk Road Socks will be a welcome addition to any sock knitter or textile artist’s library. Sock knitting aficionados will LOVE Hunter’s beautifully intricate sock designs. The history which provides insight into her design inspiration is well researched and an engrossing read for anyone interested in textiles. — Cookie A, author of and Sock Innovation ( This book is a fascinating combination: lessons on the origins and construction of oriental rugs and carpets, as well as a collection of sock patterns inspired by 14 of these beautiful textiles. Packed with useful technical information and lovely illustrations and photos, sock knitters are sure to find several “must-knit” projects within its pages. — Wendy Johnson, author of Socks from the Toe Up and Toe-Up Socks for Every Body ( Silk Road Socks is filled with rich textures and interesting details. Traveling stitches, lace motifs, and unique toes and cuffs convey a sense of beautifully woven textiles of the East. The translation of beautiful woven textiles of the East into knitted fabric is effortless and unique. From simple to detailed, each sock is a beautiful translation of the carpet that inspired it. — Grumperina, sock/knitwear designer (