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Preorder What Would Madame Defarge Knit?

Today would have been Charles Dickens' 199th birthday, and Cooperative Press is pleased to announce that preorders for What Would Madame Defarge Knit? open today in honor of the author whose formidable character Thérèse Defarge inspired Heather Ordover's book. If it's been a while since your last literature class, remember that in A Tale of Two Cities Defarge knits and knits, secretly encoding the names of people she will have killed. Vive la révolution? Don't worry, there isn't a murder prerequisite to love this book! Ordover, the creator of popular podcast CraftLit, has assembled an inspiring and thought-provoking collection of 20+ patterns, as well as essays and other tidbits inspired by literature, illustrated by the talented Jen Minnis in a black-and-white woodcut style that pays tribute to Dickensian-era publishing. And if you're reading this, chances are good you are a strong supporter of small independent publishers. You may be interested to know that this book will be the first Cooperative Press release where all designers receive a direct royalty share of each sale. Our Fresh Designs series, which will be out later this year, is set up similarly. Instead of a small, one-time payment for their work at the beginning (and not a penny afterwards, no matter how many copies the book sells), designers have an opportunity to earn an unlimited payment for their work. Visit the WWMDfK? website for more about the book's contributors and other behind-the-scenes information. As of today's pre-release, the book is 200+ pages, illustrated. LIMITED EDITION HARDCOVER — ($45) Signed, with extras. This is a special creation and will be limited to less than 100 copies, numbered. Shipping is included, as is a PDF copy of the book. -- SOLD OUT -- DIGITAL EDITION — PDF ($16.95) Add to Cart View Cart // PRINT EDITION ($26.95) Add to Cart View Cart // DIGITAL (PDF) + PRINT ($26.95) Add to Cart View Cart // E-READER EDITION ($16.95) (For Kindle, Nook, Sony e-Reader, iPad, etc) Add to Cart View Cart //


  • susanna eve

    I’m wondering what the difference is between the digital pdf version and the e-reader version. I read a lot on my i phone but I also have a pocket version sony e-reader.

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  • Marianne Gallant

    >So, with your reader, you’d be ok ordering either format. PDF would be good for you.>

    Not necessarily….pdf’s often don’t ‘flow’ to the smaller format, like the e-reader format does. That often means you have to scroll left and right to be able to read a pdf on an e-reader. A big nuisance. If the pdf reformats to the smaller format, without going to a super small font it should be ok, but if it doesn’t get the e-reader format.

  • admin

    Good question, Susanna. The PDF edition is just that, a PDF. The e-reader version is actually formatted in the formats used by a variety of e-readers (specifically, into .azw/.mobi and .epub).

    Amazon’s Kindle uses .azw (which is a proprietary version of .mobi). B&N’s Nook and the iPad prefer .epub. The Sony Reader can apparently handle several different formats, including PDF

    (according to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_e-book_formats)

    So, with your reader, you’d be ok ordering either format. PDF would be good for you.

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