Shaping Shawls is available for order May 04 2011 17 Comments

Anna Dalvi of Knit & Knag Designs creates exquisite lace shawls, as those who have participated in her knit-alongs know. Cooperative Press is pleased to announce we're opening preorders for her new book, Shaping Shawls, which explains how to shape shawls while designing them and contains 10 patterns as examples of the various shapes. Here are some preview shots from our photoshoot with Kristen Caldwell (we used a new backdrop from her Bad Sass collection to make the bright, juicy yarn colors really pop!): This yellow and the wilted daffodils outside are the only indicators of spring we have here at the moment! I can't believe how incredibly vivid this blue is! Isn't Michelle gorgeous here? The shawl shape is just perfect. Thanks again to Kristen Caldwell for turning these preview shots around so quickly! (The photoshoot was yesterday afternoon, less than 24 hours ago).