Fresh Designs Crochet: tips for submitters

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If you thought the Fresh Designs Crochet call for submissions post was long, take a look at what I trimmed out! Tips on how to improve your submissions to Fresh Designs Crochet, more in-depth information on the inspiration boards, and more. Using Flickr's Guest Pass Feature (photo tutorial) Tips for Submitters (Step One) Tips for Submitters (Yarn) Tips for Submitters (Deadlines) Inspiration Board: Hats Inspiration Board: Designs for Men Inspiration Board: Kids Inspiration Board: Toys Submission Example

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  • […] A written description and a sketch are all you need to submit a design proposal. The written description and drawing do not need to be great works of art; we just need a clear idea of what you have in mind and the overall size/shape of the piece. Photos of swatches are very helpful for lace patterns and textured patterns, but are not required. MK has blogged several tips for submitters, including an acceptable sample submission (list of posts here). […]

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