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Intelligent expansion, driven by passion

If you examine what Cooperative Press is about down to its core, it is passion. Passion for publishing amazing books, for supporting artists we love, for bringing change to an industry we adore but that we think needs a bit of an overhaul in the rights and payments department. That passion isn't restricted to fiber arts. Fiber arts may be our founder's central focus, but we also have a deep love for other topics. And so, CP is incredibly happy to announce that we are taking on projects in two new areas, the first of which is (non-fiber) art. The first book in our art division will be The National Portrait Gallery of Kessa: The Art of Arabella Proffer. As for the other topic? You'll have to wait on that one a little longer, but I can tell you it's very, very exciting. What all these topics have in common is a deep and abiding love for indie production and for doing things in your own style -- which is also what we're about. A sneak preview of the preliminary Proffer cover: We welcome your comments.


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  • maz

    If we don´t do what we do driven by passion we couldn´t stand the odds.
    Some additional hint of brain surely helps.
    Let´s make clear that above anything else independence really provides a base for innovation.

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