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Lovely reviews!

From issue 36 of The Knitter, one of our favorite UK magazines, on What Would Madame Defarge Knit?:
Enthusiastic and humorous, this collection of whimsical patterns features designs inspired by characters in works of literature. Each pattern is accompanied by literate and accessible essays about the books and people behind the design. The only project images are woodcut-style drawing to further the old-fashioned feel of the book, and to keep costs down to pay more to the designers. But don't be fooled by this 'olde worlde' look, as this book is very much of our modern times - it has interactive links to the 'WWMDFK' website, which features many colour photographs of the projects as well as technical information.
And from the new Knitty, a review of Shaping Shawls, which begins...
I remember the first teaser photo Cooperative Press showed of this book: a stack of brightly colored folded lace shawls. Even that tiny teaser made me shout ‘Want!’ at my computer. Now the book is here and it lives up to that sexy little teaser.
(Here's the photo she's referencing).

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