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Preorder Beyond Knit and Purl by Kate Atherley

Beyond Knit and Purl (humorously NOT-subtitled Kate and Hilda's Excellent Knitting Adventure, although when the author, Kate Atherley, suggested it as a lark, I laughed so hard I nearly cried) is the knitting book you always wished you'd had when you started but didn't. This book is not just for beginning knitters. Even those who've been knitting for years will have an astonishing number of "ah-ha!" moments inside its pages -- I know I did. As a technical editor -- and more importantly -- as a teacher, Kate knows where knitters hit roadblocks and how to overcome them, and she shares her many years of experience in Beyond Knit and Purl. Confused about increases or decreases? What's ease? If you've only knitted dishcloths, are you ready to move on to socks or should you try something else first? What does "decrease stitches evenly across" actually mean in practice? Do you need some Dirty Secrets or Knitterly Advice? (there are plenty of both scattered throughout the book's pages). Or do you need some help choosing the right pattern for you? This and much, much more are in the book. The amazing how-to photos by Caro Splityarn Sheridan clearly demonstrate techniques so you can follow along as needed, and there are great patterns spread throughout to support the educational material ranging from ultra-simple dishcloths up to shawls, socks and other garments. Couldn't resist this image...there's a small toy pattern to demonstrate a technique, but every time I see this picture I think "hey! that's not the right way to use a tape measure, kitty!"

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