Rockstar photo shoot + SXSW October 27 2011 4 Comments

Everyone involved in the photoshoot for Audrey Knight's new CP book Reversible Scarves: Curing the Wrong Side Blues at Rhinebeck was a ROCKSTAR. From Caro the photographer-genius to Stitchy the stylist, all the models, the locations...everything. Here's a few pictures to get you excited -- it should be ready for preorder soon. Keep in mind these are just preview shots, straight off the camera, which should give you some idea of how fabulous Caro is. Why yes, that is the fried dough stand in the background, matching the scarf's colorway exactly. A happy coincidence! Designers make the best models. Ann Weaver is being particularly adorable here. Pamela Wynne has found both a new scarf and a new friend in this shot. If this doesn't look ripped from the pages of a fancy fashion magazine, I don't know what does. Joelle in the sheep barn. It's a wonder we managed to get her out. And in other news, Shannon's panel for SXSW 2012 was accepted. If you're heading to Austin in March, be sure to come to Knitting A Long Tail in Niche Publishing.