Cooperative Press Mechanics series February 14 2012

Many people ask questions about how Cooperative Press operates, since we're quite different from the norm, publishing-wise. I did a fairly thorough interview with journalist Pam McKenzie the other day (you can read it here), but the dictionary definition of mechanics, namely "the functional and technical aspects of an activity" is a good way to describe what we're going to talk about in this post series. Think of it as a way to pop the hood and find out how our engine runs: we'll talk to people who work together with CP to get our books out the door, from authors and tech editors to photographers and more. We'll take a look at the tools we use to create our books, too, both online and off. Dig in with us -- it should be interesting! Today I want to spotlight upcoming CP author Tara Swiger because of a neat tool I saw her using recently. She shared this entry on the website 750 Words to show what she'd accomplished writing-wise that day (and with her manuscript due soon, it was fascinating to see just how much work she'd been putting in before I actually see the manuscript itself! with stats, even) In addition, 750 Words makes a 'word cloud' at the bottom: it's funny how you can get a sense of what her book is about without me even telling you, isn't it? (I'm wondering where Dracula comes in...seeing that definitely made me laugh). What interests you about the way we work? We'd love to share what makes us different and introduce you to the people who bring you the books you love in a whole new way. Feel free to ask questions and we'll answer them in upcoming posts. Thanks, as always, for supporting independent publishing. We DEFINITELY couldn't do it without YOU.