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Add our books to your wishlist in time for the holidays!

A lovely recent comment on our Facebook got us thinking about wish lists and the holiday shopping season. (Speaking of, thank you for making Cyber Monday such a great day for us and other indies yesterday! We sent out a $5 discount code to everyone who bought something from us yesterday). If you'd like to give your family/friends and those who are likely to be looking for shopping hints some help this holiday, why not use Amazon's Universal Wish List plugin? It is so easy to do, and you can put books from Cooperative Press on there even if they aren't listed on Amazon (for example, PDF editions). Here's how: 1. Install the plugin using these directions. It's as easy as dragging the button to your browser's bookmarks bar. 2. Go to our Shop page and find the book or books you want. You'll have to do them one by one. When you click the Add To Wish List button from your browser, this happens: (see full size image) A window pops up with the book in question (in this case California Revival Knits) and gives you a chance to include a comment, such as "I want the PDF version, please!" 3. Now the book will appear on your Amazon wishlist! (see full size image) 4. Make sure your wishlist is public or otherwise accessible to your friends and family (see upper left corner). Or, if you want to send the link to someone visit your wishlist (Amazon > Your Account > Your Wish List) and choose Share With Friends (it will give you a choice of email, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest). It will also tell you your list's permalink. In our case (the CP Amazon account), the link is -- we just use ours to keep track of equipment that might come in handy for doing fiber shows, if it seems boring to you! That's it! Easy peasy. The question we always get about digital gift copies... Let's say your mom or significant other wants to order you a digital copy, or make sure you get the digital copy you're entitled to as a result of buying the print + PDF package. After checkout, they'll receive a notification email that will direct them to a form so we can put it into your Ravelry library. So if you want maximum surprise, include your Ravelry name in the notes section on Amazon and tell your gift-givers they'll need it after checking out. They can always fill that in closer to the holiday so it doesn't spoil your surprise, or leave us a comment and tell us not to put it in your library until a certain date. This process might change when our new cart goes live but for the time being, that's the way to do it!

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