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Our new Pinterest account and boards

Pinterest recently opened up business accounts to everyone, and as a long-time kinda-sorta-business user of the service via a board on Shannon's account, we of course signed up! You can follow us by clicking this button: Cooperative Press However, you might be interested to know a little more about some of the specific boards we've started to set up: My personal favorite board right now, though, is Indie Business. Here's where we'll pin items of interest to designers and other small businesses. We started off with the earlier post from today, because anyone selling online could set that up, too, and we've started adding some of the tools we use on a daily basis at Cooperative Press to make things easier on us. If you ever wondered how we manage to do as much as we do with a micro-staff and mini-budget, you'll find the answers here! (Hint: a lot of it is great software). Please join us on Pinterest and repin what interests you! We'll see you there.

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