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Doomsday Knits sneak preview + shipping delays

Alex Tinsley is out in Oregon capturing some AMAZING shots for her forthcoming CP book Doomsday Knits RIGHT NOW! We've got a few to show you here. (Thanks, Alex!) If you liked Needles and Artifice, I think it's safe to say you're going to love Doomsday Knits. There's a certain level of creativity and taking knits to the next level that just does it for us. Thank you to everyone who continues to support CP in general and creative designers like the Ladies and Alex, both of whom funded their over-the-top awesome photoshoots with Kickstarter campaigns. Crowdfunding can do some really amazing things! Of note if you're in Portland, Oregon: this weekend, CP has a booth at Vogue Knitting Live's Seattle show, and right after, Shannon is heading down to Portland for a book trunkshow at Pearl Fiber Arts. Theressa Silver will be there with samples from Hat Couture, and Alex will be fresh off the Doomsday shoot with wrinkled-but-lovely samples for you to peruse. After that it's Stitches South in Atlanta, where we're sharing a booth with our friends from Cephalopod Yarns. Please note while Shannon's out of office for these shows (4-14 April), book shipments direct from CP will be delayed. However, most of our books are also listed and available on Amazon, and those are now shipping from a third-party shipping service who will be filling orders for our regular cart as soon as we switch over, so if timing is an issue, place your order on Amazon and make sure the third party seller's name is Cooperative Press. (It's taking longer than we'd planned to get our new shopping cart going but we want to make sure everything is perfect before we launch so no one will have problems! Thanks for your ongoing patience!) p.s. if you're on the CP mailing list, watch for a special announcement Friday. A certain knitting-crazy lady is coming your way...


  • MK

    Hello Ginny,

    You can order directly from the Cooperative Press shop: Doomsday Knits. The paperback version of the book is also available via Etsy and Amazon. Thank you for your interest, and we hope you get to cast on for the apocalypse soon! ;)

  • Ginny Crawford

    How do I order Doomsday Knits?

  • Christina

    These pictures look amazing!!! Great location and light. The knits look great, too, of course.

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