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Environmental certifications

Today we received a really exciting email from the printers who manufacture our books! They've reconfirmed that their Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative certifications continue to be valid for all the book types we print. What does this mean? In addition to the fact that we are not using eco-unfriendly coated paper that's tough to recycle, or shipping from overseas (all our books are printed in the US, with a handful of exceptions printed in the UK, Australia etc to fill local orders in those countries -- but the relevant related forest-friendly certifications are followed there, too!), it means that the paper sourced for our books comes from responsibly managed forests, that biological diversity and water resources are protected, community and indigenous peoples' rights are respected, and overall, that the paper used in our books is obtained and managed in an appropriate and environmentally responsible way. We also learned the printer has acquired a new facility in our own state, which means we're printing even closer to home than before -- lessening our carbon footprint yet again! (Their facilities that were printing our books already are between 400-450 miles away from our office. That's a LOT closer than 7000 miles away, which is how far we'd need to ship if we printed in China!) Apologies for so many exclamation points but we think this is exciting stuff, and hope you do, too!

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