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Just for shop owners!

Two things for our yarn store owning friends:

  • one, you can win $100 in books for your store if you take our LYS survey before 15 July.
  • two, you should join our email list! I know many of you are on the regular CP list, but this list is a little more specialized, very infrequently-mailed, and meant just for shop owners. 

We created the managed mailing list just for shop owners after realizing our old systems for tracking  emails and contacts were no longer working well for us, especially when it came to managing unsubscribes, etc. You actually may already be on it if we've had contact with you before. When you enter your email and hit subscribe, it will error and tell you there's already an account by that name, and give you an option to update your information. Please do. Thank you!

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