Fun with social media... April 08 2015

We use (and love) MailChimp for our mailing list here at Cooperative Press. It has a lot of functionality that helps us run CP with as few people as we do, honestly! We don't have a dedicated "marketing department" or "social media guru" or whatever the cool venture capital-funded kids are doing these days. 

MailChimp has a paid feature called SocialPro that lets you know which members of your mailing list are also on Twitter or Facebook. You can then send emails specifically to those people, and not the rest of your list. So let's hypothetically say that there is a small business contest on Facebook and you win if one zillion people like a post on your page. It makes sense to mail just the members of your list who are actually on Facebook, and not annoy everyone else.

But you know us. We like to do things a little differently, so we experimented with this list-segmenting feature and sent an email to everyone in the +Twitter, +Facebook categories with SPECIAL SECRET INSTRUCTIONS on what to do next. 

  • Twitter users sent @CoopPress messages, which we collected in Storify here.
  • Facebook users commented on this post.

We deliberately kept things a little bit weird and a lot of fun, plus we offered up a free pattern for everyone who did the messages and filled out a form with their Ravelry name (so we could gift said pattern).

What did we learn?

  • CP mailing list members are HILARIOUS.
  • People like fun secret club stuff.
  • People like being distracted on a Monday, particularly after a holiday weekend. 
  • CP mailing listers who use other forms of social media respond faster to emails than average

Will we keep using the paid SocialPro feature? Probably. Are we more likely to use it now that Facebook changes up their algorithms frequently to keep users from seeing updates from the pages they like? Yes. (Speaking of, like our page, would you?) What else can we do with it? Don't know yet, still experimenting! But thank you for playing along with us!