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Using the random number generator at, we drew numbers between 1-100 for the drawings we ran with Bijou Basin during the shows. Here's the numbers: Rhinebeck drawing: 67 Stitches drawing: 43 If you have these numbers in your bags, email us at info (at) cooperativepress (dot) com to claim your prize. Thanks!

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Hello everyone and thanks for your patience! It's been a hectic few weeks to say the least! We did the drawing for the Vogue Knitting Live iPad contest bags using to draw a random number, and the winning number is 36. If you ordered a bag after the show -- please note: still only 100 bags at each show, we did NOT print more after VKL ended -- they shipped straight from Rhinebeck because BBR had the bags, we had the postage-d envelopes, and we had to be in the same place to bring those things together! When's someone...

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