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Remember one of my favorite previews from this summer? Well, it's available for preorder now. (Hey, I told you it was a big week for preorders over here). Preorder Katya Frankel's book Boys' Knits! With sixteen sweater patterns and the cutest photography you have ever seen, this would be a really good present for all the knitting parents and grandparents in your life this holiday season... (And fear not, she's already at work on a sequel filled with accessory patterns!)

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Boys' Knits, Katya Frankel, Previews -

I love it when photos and text first start coming in for a book! There's so much promise...such excitement. What will it all look like when everything's in place? Well, all I know about our forthcoming book of boys' knits by Katya Frankel is that it is going to be ADORABLE (see below) as well as filled with amazing knits that boys will actually wear. I worked with Katya quite a bit when I was editing a UK knitting magazine, and I am always impressed by her work. You will be, too. I can already say I want to size...

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