As a small publisher, Cooperative Press uses preorders to help fund the initial production costs of its books. When you place your order during the preorders stage, you're helping CP and its authors to make a difference, and to bring you books you'll love.

What happens during preorders

We don't post a book for preorder until it is very close to publication, i.e. photos have already been taken, tech editing is finished or almost completed, etc. When the book has been posted for preorders, you should know that CP and the freelance help we hire to work on our books are doing our best to get that book complete and in your hands as soon as we can. Sometimes there are bumps in the road or schedule delays, but we are working hard to get your book to you. Digital editions always ship first, since we can get those into your inboxes well before the book returns from the printer. We send out the digital copies immediately when the book files are completed. Keep an eye on your inbox: the service we currently use to send preordered digital files is called E-Junkie. You may see an email from them or from their related website fatfreecartpro.

Printed copies

We print in the US, so our turnaround time for print is MUCH faster than most other publishers (who print overseas, generally in China). Once the book has gone to printer, depending on our printer's internal schedule, we typically receive books within three weeks -- sometimes even less! Once we have a solid ship date from the printer, we start prepping the shipping envelopes with your addresses so we can turn the books around and get them back out into the mail the same day the boxes of books arrive at our office!

In short...

Preorders really help Cooperative Press do what it does, and we appreciate it when you place your trust in us and order before the book is back from the printer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Emails get lost in spam folders, and postal mail gets lost from time to time, too, so you are always welcome to get in touch about your order. Thank you again for supporting independent publishing and authors.