Puni set: Green Birdwing Butterfly, 1 oz prepared spinning fiber

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This set contains: silk, Merino, Corriedale, angelina.

What's a puni? It's the most blissful possible woolen fiber prep from which to spin, especially on drop or supported spindles where you'd like to do woolen spinning/semi woolen and/or long draw. CP's resident fiber artist Kate Hamm carefully blends and hand-rolls an astonishing array of fibers for your spinning delight.

Each puni set is 1 ounce. Your mileage may vary depending on the weight of yarn you’re spinning for, one ounce usually nets 250+ yds of laceweight singles

Buy as much as you think you may need for your project: most colorways are not repeatable, particularly one of a kinds (marked OOAK in listing). Want a smaller contrasting set? Check out our puni samplers.

Want to search for fiber sets containing a particular fiber? Head over to our spinning fiber page for links and more info.