Shaping Shawls

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About the Book

Shaping Shawls by Anna Dalvi explains how to shape shawls while designing them, and contains 10 patterns as examples of the various shapes.

Just the Facts

10 patterns
120 pages
ISBN 978-0979201769

This book is available in both print and digital format. Please note that the digital format is listed separately. You will receive a PDF download of the book with your print purchase.

Meet the Author

Anna Dalvi is a Canadian designer originally from Sweden well known for her online KALs (knit-alongs). Her other books Ancient Egypt in Lace and Color, Mystic Shawls and Mystic Shawls 2 are also available from Cooperative Press.

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Read Reviews

In the world of knitting books, there are books that are very instructional, books that are pretty, books with beautiful patterns and books that inspire. Sometimes we get lucky and one book straddles several of these criteria. Shaping Shawls is a unique book that touches on all of the above categories. Annie Modesitt, the Knitting Heretic

The jewel-toned, semi-solid colors in the shawls are a delight to see. What strikes me most about the book is the playfulness and variation within the different shapes. Stephen West, WestKnits

This is a GREAT book! There is such an awesome range of styles, and the directions are so instructive, that by the time you finish reading it, you'll be able to tackle even the most complex of Anna's patterns. Stefanie Japel

Shaping Shawls provides the logistics of shawl shaping without being overwhelming. Besides being an informative resource, Shaping Shawls is a lovely book. The pictures are stunning, and I wish some of them were available as poster size prints. Lindsey Stephens, Poetry in Yarn

Readers cannot come away from this book without wanting to knit at least one of the shawls and there is no question you will certainly have a very clear understanding of shawl construction. If you are not interested in designing shawls you will still enjoy knitting the projects within. This book is a must-have for any knitter's library. Nancy M.