Policies + FAQs

Cooperative Press has been publishing books since 2010 and in that time we've had thousands of satisfied customers. We work hard to make sure you will enjoy the books and related products you buy from us. Here's some information about our general policies and day to day operations:


We accept returns of undamaged books and other products for refunds. Please send them to us at 10252 Berea Rd, Cleveland OH 44102 in appropriate packaging to ensure they will not be damaged in transit. If you have received a damaged book (it happens! USPS machinery can be vicious!), please email us a photo at info@cooperativepress.com so we can replace it for you.



Most of our books are shipped via Media Mail with a few exceptions. International orders are generally sent via First Class mail. These rates frequently change and the below is a guideline as of 10 March 2021:

  • Standard domestic shipping is $5.75 for book orders
  • Canadian shipping starts at $19.71; rest of world starts at $22.80 based on weight.
  • "Heavy" domestic US shipping (over 5 lbs) is $12

If you order something other than a book along with your book order, we can no longer send the package via Media Mail and must switch to first class or Priority. We generally absorb the extra cost for that unless it is above and beyond ordinary operating expenses, such as a large wholesale order that falls outside the parameter of what our shipping software can calculate automatically.

99% of our packages have tracking included, but once the package has left the US, we can no longer accurately track where it may be in transit or at all once it has arrived in another country.

Occasionally we may ship books directly from our printer if we are out of stock and generally we'll inform you if that's the case.

IF YOU NEED SPECIAL SHIPPING (cards included for birthday orders, no receipt in the package etc) don't hesitate to ask, we are happy to help! info@cooperativepress.com or leave a note in the order comments!


For t-shirts and other custom orders / preorders such as K1FU shirts we typically keep the preorder period open for about a month so our screenprinter doesn't overorder blank shirts. She's a small business, too!

Digital products + returns

We do not typically allow returns on digital products. Please email us at info@cooperativepress.com if you have a problem with your order.

Where we print and why

All of our books are printed in the USA on eco-friendly paper that is not glossy. We made this a deliberate choice several years ago even though it raised the average print cost per copy and cut into our profit margin. It also gives us a smaller carbon footprint because we aren't shipping large numbers of packages from Asia where most books are printed these days. Not to mention we think it is a bad idea to print large numbers of books up front when errata happen (as they so frequently do in knitting books, no matter how well-edited), and we want to be in a position to correct those errors as quickly as possible!

This also gives us the ability to take chances on books that may not be as commercially successful as a more "ordinary" book might be. We are about excellent content, not about glossy pages. We want you to be able to write on your pages and take notes about your projects, we want to be useful objects, not art objects. And most importantly, we want to get better quality, more interesting information out into the world, not shiny shiny boring! If you understand that, then you understand us... welcome to the CP family!