Authors and submissions

Cooperative Press welcomes book proposals from both new and established authors. Please follow the directions below to ensure your material will receive consideration. Include, with each manuscript or proposal, the following:
  • A short biography of yourself (1/2 page or less). Please include relevant facts, such as why you are qualified to write such a book (for example, if you are a knitting designer, tell us how many patterns you've published and where, if you've been on any of the crafting shows, if you've taught workshops, if you have an established fan base, etc).
  • Information about why this book is different from others like it. Don't tell us your knitting book is the next Stitch 'n Bitch — show us why your material is better than / different from / complimentary to other books on the market. If there's nothing like your book already in print, say so! (If we can Google or do an Amazon search and prove you wrong, we're going to be irked). Do your homework!
  • A proposed table of contents — how would you organize this book? Does it need step by step how-to photos? Do you have a preliminary pattern list?
  • Sample photos or other illustrations, if applicable
  • Any other relevant information we may have overlooked.
You can send your materials to us via postal mail at the following address: Cooperative Press, 10252 Berea Rd, Cleveland, OH 44102. Alternately, you may send them via email. All documents should be PDFs, Word docs or plain text / RTF files. We cannot open Microsoft Publisher documents. Please keep attachment sizes low; if you aren't sure, sending a brief query letter first is fine. We will respond to you as soon as we can. (Remember, patience is a virtue. Also, multiple "did you read it yet?" emails are annoying). If you've never written a book proposal before, please note there is a how-to in our title The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design that works for almost any nonfiction genre. Thank you!