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About the Book

Beyond Knit and Purl is the knitting book you always wished you'd had when you started but didn't. But this book is not just for beginning knitters. Even those who have been knitting for years will have an astonishing number of "ah-ha!" moments inside its pages. As a technical editor and more importantly as a teacher, Kate knows where knitters hit road blocks and how to overcome them, and she shares her many years of experience in Beyond Knit and Purl.

Confused about increases or decreases? What's ease? If you've only knitted dishcloths, are you ready to move on to socks or should you try something else first? What does "decrease stitches evenly across" actually mean in practice? Do you need some Dirty Secrets or Knitterly Advice? (There are plenty of both scattered throughout the book's pages.) Or do you need some help choosing the right pattern for you? This and much, much more are in the book.

The amazing how-to photos by Caro Splityarn Sheridan clearly demonstrate techniques so you can follow along as needed, and there are great patterns spread throughout to support the educational material ranging from ultra-simple dishcloths up to shawls, socks and other garments.

Just the Facts

24 patterns
128 pages
ISBN: 978-1-937513-03-0

This book is available in both print and digital format. Please note that the digital format is listed separately. You will receive a PDF download of the book with your print purchase.

Meet the Author

Kate Atherley is the Senior Technical Editor for, and a well-loved teacher throughout Toronto's numerous knitting stores. Knit Accessories: Essentials and Variations, her second book, was previously published by Cooperative Press.

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Kate Atherley brings ten years of teaching experience to her book, and you can feel the knowledge in every page. Knitters who have mastered simple scarves and want to start working with written patterns, shaping and more complex stitches will be able to move confidently from one project and skill level to the next, and the next, and the next. With lots of charts, tips and tricks, Kate shows you how to choose a pattern, understand ease and fit, get beyond knit purl gauge, read and understand pattern lingo, do the math on yarn substitutions, and that's just the first three chapters! Knitcircus magazine, May 2012

Beyond Knit Purl has fantastic step-by-step pictures of the skills that are detailed in the book. Not only is it great for new knitters, it is a splendid reference for the more seasoned knitter out there. WEBS yarn store blog

Click here for Paula Moliver's review in the Hartford Knitting Examiner.

Beyond Knit & Purl does have a lot for the beginner but it also has lots of tools and ideas for those of us who are almost self-taught and who have no LYS (local yarn shop) or other in-person help to ask those pesky questions like "why can't I get my seam to look like it is supposed to?" Atherley provides the answers in clear, concise language (and steps where needed) and provides the best photos I have seen in the multitude of knitting books I have to explain weaving and seaming and intarsia. It is a relatively small book (tall but not very thick) and the little boxes with "KNITTERLY ADVICE" or "DIRTY SECRETS" just made me smile. Versel Rush, review on

I am very happy with this book and it has made me pick up a pair of needles and try once again to get the hang of knitting. This book will definitely be a reference guide for a long time. Draaks, review on

I am so pleased that this book came my way. It was so easy to understand and follow that I was able to complete a small knitting project tonight after not knitting for almost 20 years. Christine, review on

I'm excited to receive this pdf! I've read so many favourable reviews about it. Yes, I've knit for many years but I haven't always knit garments. I'm looking forward to learning and in some cases re-learning techniques and new tips. Bonny R., a customer

Looking forward to reading it! I love learning from Kate--she's the best teacher! Allison D., a customer