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So many sock patterns are written as if one size fits all. But anyone who has larger feet and legs knows better. In this ingenious book, designer Andi Smith walks the bigger-footed among us through the steps of properly measuring our feet and legs, assessing the toe and heel shapes that fit us best, and adapting patterns to suit our shape. All this, plus 12 gorgeous sock patterns, each with instructions for modifying to your foot and for knitting top-down or toe-up.


Just the Facts

12 patterns + more than 50 pages of step-by-step guidance on adapting socks to your feet
132 pages
ISBN: 978-1-937513-25-2
This title is available in both print and digital format.

Meet the Author

Andi Smith lives in Ohio with her husband, two sons, a dog, cats, and 16 adorable chickens. Andi has been knitting and crocheting for over 40 years, and enjoys it as much now as when she was a small child. Andi is lucky enough to work as a tech editor in the knitting industry, as well as a designer and blogger. She volunteers as a special education advocate, and uses knitting as therapy.

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Advance praise for Big Foot Knits (from the foreword):

In this book, Andi Smith calls bullshit on the average sock pattern. She stands up and tells us why most sock patterns don't fit most feet. She asks you to do for your feet what you do for the rest of your body: measure and customize, so that the socks you knit really fit you. You are a knitter, you have the skills, and Andi gives you the tools. This book acknowledges the uniqueness of each foot and celebrates it. We knit both to express and comfort ourselves, and having socks that fit exactly honors our skill, our bodies, and our knitterly hearts. Ì_ÌøJillian Moreno, co-author of Big Girl Knits and More Big Girl Knits

Featured review:

If you knit for a pair of larger feet or legs and despair that you'll ever knit a pair of socks that fit perfectly, this is the book for you. Chapter 2 alone is worth the price of admission. Entitled "Measure for Measure," Smith has included all the points of measurement along the foot and shows how to create your own personal measurements chart. There's even a chart to determine the shape of your footÌ_Ìøand in a later chapter, how to shape your sock so it fits.Ì__

Then there are the patterns. Twelve truly gorgeous socks that you may want to make and hang on your walls to display your knitting prowess. Freya and Arundhati are on my listÌ_Ìødelicate little lace patterns that are going to look fabulous in my own Fleuvog shoes.Ì__

Even if you own every other sock book on the market, add this one to your library. You won't be sorry. Ì_ÌøCarla Kohoyda-Inglis, Knitty Winter 2013Ì__

More reviews:

Big Foot KnitsÌ__is a must-read for women with bigger-than-average feet who want to make socks that actually fit. It's a good book for the rest of us, too, because it reminds us that we don't have to follow knitting patterns exactly as they are publishedÌ_Ìøeven for something as seemingly intricate as socks.Ì__Reading and working through this book should give knitters confidence to take any sock pattern they like and knit it up in just the right size for them. Ì_ÌøSarah E. White, review on

IÌ_å«m a big proponent of altering your knits (whether itÌ_å«s my pattern or someone elseÌ_å«s) to fit your body. There are a ton of resources out there to do so (if you donÌ_å«t have it yet, check out Amy HerzogÌ_å«sÌ__Knit to Flatter), but until now there wasnÌ_å«t anything like that for socks. Ì_ÌøStephannie Tallent, SunsetCat Designs

I really like all of the accessible technical information contained in Big Foot Knits and the way that each pattern is customizable in terms of how one knits it as well as for fit. The socks are stylish and attractive, and look interesting to knit. As someone with Fred Flintstone feet (completely flat and very wide), IÌ_å«m delighted to discover a book that will help people with less-than-tiny feet make good-looking, well-fitting socks. Ì_ÌøCarol Sucolski, Black Bunny Fibers

For someone who has had "cankles" before "cankles" were cool, rarely does a sock pattern allow for larger ankles and calves. I've tried to adjust patterns with little success. This book makes it easy! I love knitting socks but it's disappointing when they don't fit well. I have two large totes full of sock yarn that I can now put to good use. Ì_ÌøMarysville, review

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