Boys' Knits

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About the Book

With 16 sweater patterns and the cutest photography you have ever seen, Katya Frankel's Boys' Knits would be a fabulous present for all the knitting parents and grandparents in your life.

Just the Facts

16 patterns
92 pages
ISBN 978-1-937513-11-5

This book is available in both print and digital format. Please note that the digital format is listed separately. You will receive a PDF download of the book with your print purchase.

Meet the Author

Katya Frankel is a UK-based designer known for her clever, fun-to-knit patterns.

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Read Reviews

Final tally, my boy liked and would wear more than half of the sweaters in this book, and I would like to knit any of them. Win! Knitty first fall 2012 issue

Warning!! This book contains a lot of cute! Frankel recognised the need for more patterns for young boys and I can only assume she must have an amazing empathy with them because from my experience she really got it right. Entangled Magazine, issue 4.

As the mom of a brood of boys, I'm only too aware of the lack of patterns for little men! Boys' Knits provides for accessible designs with variety from textures, to cables, to asymmetry, each piece twists on the basics to make for a unique and wearable handknit. With tips and tricks that every knitter appreciates, such as details on fit and making size adjustments, you'll get use from this book long after you've knit each pattern! Kate Oates,

Boys' Knits hits that sweet spot for boys' knits with patterns that are both wearable and fun to knit. Your boys will beg you to knit for them and you'll be happy to oblige! The book also has the best adjustment advice I've seen for kids garments. Carol Feller,

Although only 5, [my son] Ellis already has a clear sense of what he will and won't wear, and he would wear every design in the book, huge compliment from the intended audience [Katya] really knows her stuff, a fact that completely shines through in the book, from her very thorough introduction to the detail of her designs. It is a knitter's book. I loved it so much, that I broke my usual no-review rule. Kat Goldin, Slugs on the Refrigerator blog

I was instantly thrilled with the idea of this book. If you have ever searched for boys' patterns on Ravelry, you've probably seen that there just aren't as many as there are for girls [My son] has the exact same taste as his dad (the rebellious phase is still to come): basic, not too much texture, only a handful of acceptable colours and never two of those on the same garment. This book caters exactly to that sort of taste. There are no intarsia elephants or trucks to be seen, only classic simple yet modern styles, but they all have something interesting going on. Julia Vaconsin,