The Knitgrrl 9 (PDF pattern ebook)

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I love knitting. Even when I was just learning, and struggling — stitch by stitch, just as we all did — I found something magical about turning a piece of string into a structured SOMETHING, whether a hat or a sweater or something else altogether. The 9 patterns included in this ebook are some of my favorites. Two of them (Red Lotus and Copine) previously appeared in the monthly UK print knitting magazine that I used to edit. Now as I publish a second edition of this pattern collection for Knit Edge readers, I find myself in a very different role. As publisher at Cooperative Press and its magazine Knit Edge, I don’t have as much time to design as I used to, which is something I’d like to change in the upcoming year. That magic is still there for me, but these days I spend more time publishing the beautiful patterns other designers have made instead of doing more of my own! I hope you’ll enjoy knitting them, and keep an eye out for my newer work if I can squeeze another few hours into the day.